Jobs in Canada for Brits must be filled to boost the economy and population

British people who fit skills and experience criteria can apply for a fast-tracked visa to Canada. With a total area of more than 40 times that of the UK, and a real skills shortage, jobs in Canada for Brits are available across a broad range of industries.

Recent growth areas in Canada include service industries and information technology. Areas where shortages exist include the health sector, management occupations, trade skills and social science.

Working hours and holidays are similar to the UK but the average starting salary for graduates with an Honours degree is $49,000. Business etiquette in Canada is very similar to the UK and employers look favourably upon British candidates.

There are many differnet ways to find work in Canada, but your success in getting a visa hinges on a job offer. Probably the best way is to apply directly to companies. Some of Canada's major companies include Royal Bank of Canada, BCE and Imperial Oil, amongst many others.

Jobsites like jobsincanada.com allow easy access to all of Canada's best jobs, employment recruiters and direct employers. They allow you to streamline your search by industry and location, and you can access employer profiles, career pages and recruitment videos.

Recruitment agencies such as Adecco and Hays Recruitment can take some of the hard work out of finding a job, and assist with immigration and relocation issues. Many people start there careers in Canada by simply going there on a holiday visa and looking for work.

With a rich history of immigration , Canada is an extremely plural, multicultural society. The country always needs the skills, talents and enthusiasm of newcomers, and jobs in Canada for Brits will continue for the foreseeable future.

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