Jobs in Canada for British people are a valuable resource

Canada enjoys strong economic prospects and a high standard of living. Despite a highly-educated workforce, the country needs immigrants to sustain growth. Employers are offering jobs in Canada for British people, in sectors in which there are skills shortages.

The Canadians are hoping to recruit GPs, teachers, nurses, electricians, engineers, construction workers and management consultants, although anyone of any age can apply. Canada's key industries include transpotation equipment, chemicals, mining, food proucts, wood and paper products, fish products, petroleum and natural gas.

Some occupations do not need a work permit, but if you do need one you will have to prove that you have been offered a job in Canada. You may also need a Social Insurance Number (SIN). To apply you will need either permanent residency or a work visa.

One of the best ways to acquire a work visa is by applying to companies in Canada who are employing directly. By exploring Canadian companies online you can identify who is recruiting, find contact details and apply directly.

Recruitment agencies, such as Adecco and Hays Recruitment can take some of the hard work out of finding a job in Canada and assist with immigration and relocation issues. Many people search for jobs on internet jobsites like canadajobs.com. These sites provide a job search and job by email service to suit candidates need and requirements.

Job listings can also be found in national and local newspapers. Temping agencies are a good way to find a temporary job, and some of these operate both in the UK and Canada.

As a UK citizen, you can visit the country unrestricted for up to six months. During your stay you should be able to locate employers offering jobs in Canada for British people and subsequently qualify for a work visa.

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