Exploring jobs in Canada for British citizens

There are a plethora of jobs in Canada for British citizens. It is a vast country, made up of ten provinces and three territories.  A lot of people go there to experience the quality of life as well as exploring its open country and bustling cities.

Certain occupations in the country are facing labour shortages.  This has led the Canadian government to try and attract workers from the UK. Vacancies in the following fields are likely to increase further in the next couple of years:

  • construction
  • medical professions and nursing
  • IT
  • oil and gas sectors
  • finance
  • accounting
  • engineering.

At present a foreign worker must have an offer in place before securing a work visa.  However, if you have skills and experience in one of the above sectors, your visa may be fast tracked. Being bilingual in English and French is also an advantage.

In Alberta they are relaxing the rules on the recognition of foreign qualifications, as well as encouraging more temporary workers to the region.

If you are aged between 18-35 you can obtain work in Canada for up to a year.  Consult visabureau.com for further information as well as the Canadian High Commission.  This information is particularly useful to those thinking of backpacking or gaining work experience abroad.

For further information on job searching as well as well as emigration advice, visit fourcorners.net. Here you can access a free eligibility questionnaire to determine if your chosen role is in demand. This site also contains a link to ODG Recruitment International, a good source of jobs in Canada for British citizens.

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