Jobs in Canada for British Citizens: What's Available and What You'll Need

In previous years, certain occupations -- the Canadian police force, for example -- had a shortage of available, qualified Canadian workers. Consequently, jobs in Canada were marketed to British citizens directly, to attract experienced workers who could help fill the gap. More recently, rising unemployment has meant Canadian citizens have begun taking these jobs and it is much less common for British citizens to be actively recruited to Canada. Even some of the police forces that previously appealed to British citizens have suspended their international recruitment programmes indefinitely.

Jobs in Canada for British citizens can still be found, but the burden is on the British citizen to obtain the necessary visas and work authorization needed for employment. Contact the Canadian High Commission in London to begin the process of obtaining a visa and work permit, or to look into the possibility of Canadian residency. In most cases you will need an offer of employment before your application for a work permit will be granted.

There are certain industries and types of jobs in Canada that British citizens may have an easier time obtaining. For example, opportunities currently exist for British citizens to work as nannies in Canada. A nanny or au-pair position typically allows the British citizen to "live-in" with the family, avoiding the difficulties involved with obtaining a place to live.

Working in an English or Irish pub is another option for British citizens, since native bar staff are central to the experience. Pubs may sponsor individuals or help in coordinating the visa process.

Certain recruitment agencies -- such as BM Recruitment Solutions -- specialize in matching skilled foreign workers with jobs in Canada. British citizens can visit the website to browse available positions and find out more.


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