Looking for jobs in the BS15 area of Bristol?

When looking for work in the United Kingdom these days it's very important that you do your research before starting. There are a number of different things that you'll need to do before figuring out what the best approach to your job search will be. The most important thing of all is to have a good idea of where the bulk of the vacancies are coming from. You'll need to check out the various companies and industries in the area to determine where you'll have the best chance of finding work.

Like most areas in the United Kingdom, you'll quickly realise that the majority of the available jobs in the BS15 area of Bristol come within the retail industry. This means you're going to need to decide if starting off on £5.93 per hour is acceptable to you. It might be hard for people who were on high wages to be able to accept, but the current reality of the British job market dictates that the chance are it's either that or your welfare cheque.

If you want a position with potential for promotion and career advancement, then we recommend you take a look at Tesco. Unless you're fresh out of college or university and qualify for their graduate schemes (for more information check out this website: tesco-graduates.com) then you're going to need to start at an entry level position either in customer service or behind the scenes working in the stock room.

However, if you show willingness to learn and apply yourself, Tesco have a great reputation for promoting from within, meaning that you'll be able to start on the road to building a really great career in the British retail sector.

There are other opportunities available in Bristol retail apart from Tesco, and we have included some of them below;

  • Sainsburys, 50 Queens Road
  • Costcutter, 6 Victoria Street
  • Waitrose, Clifton Pavillion, 83 Queens Road
  • Asda, East Street, Bedminster


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