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Finding BRI Jobs

Recruitment at the Bristol Royal Infirmary is handled by the National Health Service's (NHS) jobs website at a national level.

You can find BRI jobs in Bristol by visiting the NHS jobs website or the BRI's official website at Uhbristol.co.uk.

When using the NHS jobs website you can narrow down your search to just the Bristol Royal Infirmary by searching for "Bristol" as the location.

Clinical Jobs

As BRI is a large trust, there are hundreds of clinical jobs available at any given time.

Clinical positions are for those medical professionals who are on the ground, including doctors, nurses, surgeons and mental and social care workers.

Administrative Jobs

There are also a massive number of non-clerical, administrative functions that are required to operate a hospital as large as the Bristol Royal Infirmary.

Administrative jobs include the office staff the help run the department, such as those who work in receptionists, medical archives, payroll, accounting and management, among others.

Housekeeping Staff, Porters and Security

There is also a large team of housekeeping staff and porters responsible for keeping the hospital running smoothly. While housekeepers tend to the paramount issue of hygiene, porters shift and move important pieces of equipment around the hospital.

Security staff are also crucial in the hospital's smooth operation, ensuring that no unwanted visitors enter the premises while also calming any ongoing security situations within the hospital.

Clinical Attachments

As a teaching hospital, jobs at the BRI in Bristol include clinical attachments for training doctors and other medical staff.

These applications are handled by the Universities and Colleges Admission Service (UCAS), so you need to visit Ucas.com for application information.

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