Jobs in the Bournemouth Echo

In the Paper

Jobs in the Bournemouth Echo newspaper can be found in a specific job section.

Here, local recruitment agencies and direct employer jobs are listed, with companies sometimes paying large amounts of money for whole page or half page adverts for their jobs.

While some jobs are advertised over a long period of time in this daily newspaper, others are advertised only once. As a result, job hunters for Bournemouth and the surrounding area should purchase the paper every day to make sure they do not miss out on any suitable vacancies.

Within the paper, jobs in the Bournemouth Echo are listed as a separate section.

Here, job seekers can read the job descriptions for many roles, while also learn the contact details, including a telephone number for enquiries and, commonly, an email address or postal address to send CVs and cover letters to.

On the Web

Jobs in the Bournemouth Echo are also displayed on the paper's website at Bournemouthecho.co.uk.

A wider range of jobs are advertised online than in the newspaper itself, as well as job seeking advice and contact details for recruitment agencies in South Dorset and Bournemouth.

The paper's online job search engine is operated by the successful Internet recruitment website Careerbuilder.co.uk, so the search matrix for the Bournemouth Echo is the same as the Career Builder website.

This matrix allows users to search for either part-time, full-time or both when searching for jobs, as well as jobs within a certain catchment area and jobs specifically by keywords or job title.

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