Find Jobs at Bournemouth Airport

Bournemouth Airport is part of the Manchester Airports Group, which operates a total of four airports in the UK. East Midlands, Humberside and Manchester airports are also operated by the Manchester Airports Group. Between these four airports and the various private companies which are attached to them, over 30,000 people are employed by this group. While the airport at Bournemouth is relatively small, there are still a number of different jobs available at Bournemouth Airport.

At present there are approximately 125 people employed directly by Bournemouth Airport. However there are a number of private companies in or near the airport, who also offer employment prospects to jobseekers in the area. Some of the potential jobs at Bournemouth Airport include positions for air traffic controllers, ramp managers and luggage handlers. Additionally airfield operations crew and managers are also required to ensure the safe departure, arrival and movement of aircraft within the airport.

Staff are also required in management positions in the airport. For example HR staff are needed, along with with marketing and customer relations employees. Another important role within the Manchester Airports Group is that of Health and Safety Officer, and successful applicants can be assigned to various airports within the group.

The managers of Bournemouth Airport have implemented a development plan, which should see passenger numbers rise to the region of 3 million per year by 2014. Continued subsequent growth is also expected. Therefore the larger the number of passengers travelling through the airport, the more job opportunities there will be. If you are interested in jobs at Bournemouth Airport, further information and job listings can be found at bournemouthairport.com, and from the Manchester Airports Group.


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