We look at potential retail jobs in Birmingham

Looking for work doesn't necessarily have to mean spending hours on end sitting in front of a computer, clicking mindlessly through screen after screen of job vacancies that have most likely been filled a long time ago. Instead you should take a look back to how things were done before the arrival of the internet and the dozens of online job search websites that have sprung up in the last few years.

Back in the good old days people found work through word of mouth, friends of friends or simply putting in the leg work to walk around and see what was available. While it seems like nobody is willing to do that to find jobs in Birmingham these days, that means that you will be at a distinct advantage by strapping on your walking boots and hitting the big city/

Most vacant retail positions are unlikely to ever find their way to the internet job sites, which means the only way to find out about them is to pop into stores that interested you and ask to speak to the manager. It's very important that you speak to someone in authority rather than simply leaving your CV behind the counter with a customer service representative.

Not only will you be able to strike up the beginnings of a personal relationship with the manager, but you'll also be able to give them a first hand look at your personality which will mean you move beyond simply being a name on a piece of paper or an email address on the screen.

For the most part you will be unlucky to find anything other than entry level positions in this manner, but you'll at least have your foot in the door. You won't get rich any time soon on wages of £5.93 to £6.15 per hour, but it's got to be better than sitting at home spending another evening on job sites, right?

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