Available Jobs in Belfast for the Summer Scheme in 2011

There are numerous summer schemes being run in the Belfast area in 2011, and consequently, plenty of jobs in Belfast summer scheme programs during 2011 can be found.

A "summer scheme" can be any type of educational, sporting or recreational programme or camp, organized for children during the summer holidays. Summer schemes exists for young children -- preschool age -- all the way through to older teens. Summer schemes are formally organized, often held at a school or social work centre, and usually require both teachers and assistants for successful operation.

Jobs developing a Belfast summer scheme for 2011 are likely to be ending soon, as summer is nearly underway and prep should have been completed. But assistant positions have begun to open up for the summer season and many opportunities are available right now. Once the summer is over, administrative and planning for 2012 will commence.

Jobseekers interested in a summer scheme job need to hurry, though, as the vacancies are quickly being filled and deadlines on the outstanding positions are coming up fast. Below are just a couple of the vacancies and types of job available:

Teacher: English as a Foreign Language

The International House in Belfast is running its successful Spanish language summer scheme again. The scheme is a residential program and combines international, Spanish speaking students with local students fom Belfast to immerse students in English and Spansih language, respectively. While the Belfast students learn Spanish, English as a foreign language teachers are required to help the Spanish students learn English.

Summer Scheme Assistant

Working under the "Supporting Communities NI" social services program, the summer scheme assistant will assist with a summer scheme for 4-12 year olds. The assistant is responsible for setting up and clearing away the playroom, arts and crafts, and games. Taking part in all group activities -- including outings and special events -- the assistant will encourage parents to get involved, interact and engage the children, and inform the team leader of any concerns.

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