Looking for jobs in Bay of Plenty?

Bay of Plenty is a beautiful seaside area in the North Island of New Zealand. Boating, tourism, forestry, farming and shipping are all thriving industries in the Bay of Plenty. The area is specifically well known for its great kiwi and apples. Jobs in the Bay of Plenty are typically within these industries.

For those looking for work here, know that there are a variety of routes you can take for finding jobs in the Bay of Plenty. Regardless of what sector you want to work in, there are usually vacancies available. You just have to have a lead on where to look.

Here we will take a look at where to search for employment in the Bay of Plenty.

First Thing's First

Getting everything you will need for applying to jobs organised. This consists of your CV, educational certifications, skill certifications and reference sheet. Make sure there are no errors in you CV.

Where to Look

Use your relationships to find open jobs in the Bay of Plenty. Ask around with friends and family if they know of any job vacancies in the area. Remember, having someone who knows the boss put in a word for you can go a long way.

Check popular New Zealand job posting sites like careerjet.co.nz or myjobspace.co.nz. Upload your CV to such sites and send out applications to companies you are interested in working for. Spend some time scanning these sites for jobs that suit your salary and time expectations.

Use local staffing agencies to get a job. This is not the ideal option, but such places typically are able to find you work. Check out these two local Bay of Plenty employment agencies.

Adecco Personnel Limited: 7 Totara St, Mount Maunganui, Tauranga City, Bay of Plenty, 5132, Tel: (07) 547 4004, Website: adecco.co.nz.

Drake International: Address: 2 Devonport Road, Tauranga City Centre, Tauranga City, Bay of Plenty, 13275, Tel: (07) 571 0283, Website: drakeintl.com.nz.

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