Lets serve up some jobs bar part time in Dublin

Working in a bar is a brilliant way to bring together your social life and night life into one package. Job satisfaction is always high among bar staff, and the amount of interesting people you get to meet while carrying out your daily tasks has to be seen to be believed.

If you've always wanted to get a jobs bar part time in dublin, then why not try your luck now? The industry survived the recession mostly intact (well, in urban areas anyway) so you should be able to find a job easily at either a local pub, or even a nightclub or upmarket bar.

Bar work is a pretty casual job, so most people find work in this field by enquiring at their local pub, or the bar they want to work at. We recommend going local if it's gonig to be your first job, as it's best to get used to a slower pace of working environment before going all out in a busy nightclub. You'll also meet some far more interesting characters at a local bar and you'll have the time to actually chat with them.

If looking casually doesn't sound appealing to you, then why not check out what Indeed have to offer at Indeed.ie? Right now, there are vacancies for 48 different bar work positions in and around Dublin, and you can view all of these vacancies at - http://www.indeed.ie/Bar-Staff-jobs-in-County-Dublin.

Best of luck on your part time bar job in Dublin hunt!

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