Applying for work through the Jobs Bank in Canada

The Jobs Bank in Canada is located at the URL Jobbank.gc.ca. This website has over 70,000 job openings that job seekers can apply for.

One of the biggest benefits of using the Job Bank is that it is a resource which is freely available to the general public. Job seekers, students and applicants from overseas can use the website to search for work.

People who are applying for work from overseas should keep in mind that all employers will want to see a work permit before hiring them. Job seekers who are not Canadian residents will need to apply for residency or find an employer that is willing to sponsor them for a work visa. Generally it not worthwhile using the job bank until a visa has been sorted out as most employers will discard applications from people who are not legally entitled to work in Canada.

The website itself is very simple to use. Users can search for work without having to register for the site. All you need to do to look for a job is click on the search button. The user will then need to specify what sort of job they are looking for and hit the search button again. A list of jobs will now appear on the screen. When a user finds a job that they are interested in they will be directed to the website that is advertising it. The user can now apply for the job from that website.


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