Jobs in Australia

A prosperous developed country, Australia is the world's thirteenth largest economy. With a population of approximately 22.5 million it is one of the world's most urbanised countries. The cities of Sydney, Melbourne and Brisbane make up nearly half the population and if you are looking for jobs in Australia, these are the places to start.

Australia has a stable and competitive economy. It has recorded nearly twenty consecutive years of economic growth and the outlook is good. The economy continues to create jobs in Australia, which is good news for anyone thinking of moving there.

At the moment there are not enough skilled Australians to fill jobs, specifically in the mining, engineering, teaching and hospitality sectors. The state will sponsor thousands of skilled migrants this year to tackle Australia's skills shortage.

You need a visa to work in Australia. Your success in getting a visa hinges on a job offer. Many people have started their careers in Australia by going there initially on a holiday visa. During their stay they have been able to find jobs in Australia and thus qualify for working visas.

Alternatively people can apply for working holiday visas which allow travellers to visit Australia for up to two years. This gives them ample time to secure a sponsor who can offer them permanent work down under.

Recruitment agencies are actively seeking personnel to fill vacancies in Australia. Very often Australian business' visit the UK on active recruitment campaigns.

It's no secret that the warm climate and casual lifestyle are prime attractions for people chasing jobs in Australia, but whatever your motives, down under could be a bright future.

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