Jobs at Home Delivery Network

For those looking for new jobs, Home Delivery Network is one of the fastest growing dedicated collection and delivery services and they are currently advertising for vacancies.

Home Delivery Network (also known as HDNL) is a large company, delivering some 300,000 large consignments and parcels daily to postcodes throughout the United Kingdom. As a result, they are continually seeking keen workers to help improve their infrastructure and allow the business to continue expanding its operations. They currently employ over 7,000 members of staff throughout the various areas of the business, and the company states on its website that it is their employees that allow them to continually provide an award-winning service to HDNL's customers.

Applying for jobs at Home Delivery network is simple. Simply head to their website (HDNL.co.uk), and click on the 'Work For Us' tab. A number of available vacancies will then be shown for which you can apply. Vacancies vary, from delivery drivers (full, clean driving license will be required), warehouse workers (for processing and sorting deliveries), to various self-employed opportunities within the company.

A common self-employed role with HDNL is that of Catalogue Delivery Agent (also known as CDAs). This role requires the worker to deliver HDNL's Home Brand Shopping catalogue to various locations on a flexible, self-employed basis. The job is ideal for someone who wants the freedom of working hours to suit, with the opportunity of working extra hours as needed to earn extra cash. CDAs will require their own transport and phone if they wish to join HDNL's successful delivery agents network.

Any job for which you apply at Home Delivery Network will require that you complete and return an application form (these can be downloaded at the HDNL website), and the same goes if you apply for any of the company's self-employed positions.

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