Looking for jobs with Asda in Bristol?

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Working in retail can be a great way to break into the workforce or even develop a career out of. Asda is one of the UK's supermarket giants and can be an exciting and fun place to work in. There are loads of different jobs at Asda in Bristol available, whether you are looking for a full time, part time or seasonal position.

Asda pride themselves on the high levels of customer service that they provide. To work with Asda, you will need to have flair for working with customers and you should be motivated by working as part of a team.

The best way to apply for jobs at Asda in Bristol is to simply drop into the store with your most recent CV. Before you hand your CV in, double check for any spelling or grammar mistakes. Also, ensure that any relevant experience you have is on your CV.

A general sales assistant at Asda will be required to keep shelves stocked up at all times. You will also assist customers with any queries and offer them advice on their purchases. Sales assistants are also needed for their baker and pizza counters. You should have previous experience working with food for one of these roles. Working as a sales assistant or a checkout operator at Asda, you can expect to earn between £5.50 and £6.50 per hour.

Jobs at Asda in Bristol are also available on the careers section of their website. Simply log onto www.asda.jobs and start browsing through their most recent positions.

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