Jobs at Asda Import Centre

Jobs in Asda's import centre, or their distribution centre, are based in over 50 centres across the country with various roles, salaries and qualifications required for each position. There are several types of jobs you can acquire in the import industry for Asda, such as:


Depot Warehouse Workers

Depot warehouse workers play a critical role in Asda by receiving the goods into the depot from suppliers and preparing deliveries warehouses for distribution to stores. The deport position of Asda is so important that the career sites for the store dedicated an entire page to the position, found at: http://www.asda.jobs/hourly/.


General Managers

General managers in the depot are responsible for making sure all depot operators work efficiently and deliver goods in a timely manner. They are also responsible for working with a budget of 12 million per year and ensuring the right funding is placed into each department of the depot.


Warehouse Operation Managers

Warehouse operation managers help control the stock to stores and motivate operative teams to achieve daily targets, as well as overseeing cost control and analysing warehouse performance.


Transport Operations Manager

All transport operations managers are responsible for overseeing the schedule of drivers an the delivery of goods to all stores from the warehouse. This role requires expertise in planning, organisation and excellent leadership skills to drive the workforce, especially drivers who work long hours.


Finance Managers

Finance managers in the depot area of Asda work especially on the budgeting of depots and warehouses, differing from the general role of finance workers in Head Office who deal with purchasing stock.


Health & Safety Managers

H&S managers are especially important in ensuring health and safety is followed throughout all depots and warehouses and all policies are updated according to new rules and regulations.


Industrial Engineers

Industrial engineers work in one of the most exciting areas of the depot by developing new equipment based on recommendations made onsite. Industrial engineers will then be responsible for overseeing the installation of such devices and ensuring its safe and proper use within the depots.


You can apply for all depot positions listed here (and more) at: http://www.asda.jobs.




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