Oil Jobs in Alberta Canada for Foreign Workers

The Alberta Oil industry has been a hugely important part of Alberta's economy in the past 50 years which means that there are thousands of oil related jobs in the province. The majority of these jobs are in the exploration, production, transportation, distribution and refining fields. So if you are seriously considering relocating to Canada and finding work then find out more about oil jobs in Alberta Canada for foreign workers.

Alberta's oil industry is split into two main sectors. The first of which is conventional oil production; this sector has been around for over 50 years. The second sector is the Oil Sands Project which has been described as Canada's greatest energy treasure and according to Time Magazine could satisfy global oil demands for the next century. So if you are interested in finding a job in oil then Alberta is the place for you as in the last decade private industry have invested over $100 billion in Alberta’'s conventional oil industry with the aim of expanding the business over the next half century and as a result there are a huge amount of job vacancies available for foreign workers.

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So if you are looking for a job in the oil industry then consider moving to Alberta, Canada where there are thousands of fantastic job opportunities available for foreigners at all levels.

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