Jobs in airport security in Dublin

Dublin airport is operated by Dubin Airport Authority. Situated ten kilometres north of Dublin city, in 2010, approximately eighteen and a half million people passed through the airport. With such a high turnover of passengers, jobs in airport security in Dublin are always available.

Airport security serves to reassure the travelling public that they are safe. It protects the airport and aircraft from crime and attack and assists in the smooth running of the facility.

Jobs in airport security in Dublin range from traffic control to passenger security screening. Security at the airport has been significantly enhanced following the terrorist incidents of September 2001 in the United States.

All persons involved in airport security across all sectors are required to have appropriate training. Initially you would need to look into getting a FETAC certificate in security.

From April 2010 all persons applying for jobs in airport security in Dublin must have successfully completed Module 1 Basic Security Awareness Training (BSAT). Approved BSAT trainers include Dublin Airport Authority and Avico UK and Ireland Ltd.

The main objective of the training is to ensure staff understand the need for aviation security. It helps them become aware of the security measures in place at airports, recognise the security needs of an airport and understand the part they can play in contributing to airport security.

Candidates undergo on-the-job training and assessment and are subject to strict reference and security checks.

If airport security is for you then jobsites such asairport.job.ie, dublin airport jobs.com and careerjet.ie can help you find airport security jobs in Dublin.

Airports offer people a large variety of facilities and services. With such a large quantity of people moving through a small area it is paramount that effective security measures are in place. Jobs in airport security in Dublin are available to people with the awareness and stamina to work in this fast-paced environment.


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