Jobs working for Airbus in Bristol

The massive global aircraft manufacturing company Airbus has one of its two United Kingdom bases at Filton, just outside Bristol. The Filton site employs some 4,500 individuals not only in design, engineering and technical roles but also in business supporting positions such as those relating to finance, IT and administration.

Filton's work centralises around the design and production of aircraft wings, fuel systems and landing gear - and most of its 2,000 strong team of engineers is devoted to these sorts of tasks.

In 2012, Airbus plans to start constructing a gigantic new business park area within the Filton site, which is sure to open up lots of new job opportunities for anyone looking for jobs working for Airbus in Bristol.

Like most major companies in the modern day job market, Airbus has its own dedicated careers website, consisting of details sections on job hunting advice, information about potential roles with the company, currently available vacancies, and an in-built application process. This makes the site, located at airbus.com/work, the only resource you will really need when looking for jobs with Airbus in Bristol.

There are numerous opportunities for both experienced individuals and new starters (including graduates) in a range of positions, both technical and non-technical, working at the Filton Airbus centre.

Following the links to the search engine on the Airbus site will connect you to the EADS page, which is the wider aeronautical group of which Airbus is a part. While you can choose to restrict your search to just Airbus jobs, you might want to take advantage of the wider selection of similar roles available on this site.

There is a brief online application form for all available jobs with Airbus in Bristol, but the exact application process varies depending on the role. Some positions will require you to complete online tests, others will jump straight into phone interviews, and others still will require you to attend an assessment centre - or perhaps there will be some combination of the above. Good luck!

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