We find out where to get jobs ACCA students (Jobs for accountancy graduates)

Finally finishing your ACCA Accountancy exams is probably one of the best feelings in the world, all that remains after that is to figure out where your qualification can take you! In this blog we are going to highlight where you can find some of the best jobs ACCA students (Jobs for accountancy graduates), so lets take a look!

An ACCA qualification is one of the most prestigious qualifications in the business world, and holding one in your hand can open a world of doors to you around the globe. One of the first places you should check out with your new qualification should be the ACCA website at www.accaglobal.com/careers/. This site will give you a flavour of all of the different jobs you can realistically apply for, and will also give you a few tips on improving your C.V so companies will be more likely to take you on!

Another site that is well worth a look is the financial Jobs site at www.jobsfinancial.com. This site offers a comprehensive look at all of the different financial job openings around the country, simply search for ACCA jobs and you will return all of the accountancy jobs currently going in the UK.

If you are planning to base yourself in London, then we recommend checking out the Guardian Jobs page at jobs.guardian.co.uk as this has a fantastic array of ACCA accredited jobs in and around the London area. Simply set your search preferences and you are good to go!


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