Where to find jobs abroad with accommodation in 2011

Jobs abroad with accommodation in 2011 are a popular way for people to live abroad for a few months at a time without having to have vast amounts of savings. They are also a good way to meet new people and experience a different way of life.

When it comes to finding these jobs, we have good news and we have bad news. The good news is that there are plenty of opportunities for bar staff, hospitality staff and retail staff abroad in the summer. These are concentrated around holiday in hotpots, which in Europe include the Greek Islands, the French Riviera, the Costa del Sol, Ibiza and the Canary Islands among others. There is also a high demand for fluent English speakers, particularly in areas that are popular with British tourists.

The bad news is that competition can be fierce. This doesn't mean that your application won't be successful but it does mean that you will probably need significant bar or hospitality experience in order to succeed. Many hotels ask for two years' experience, while night clubs are a little more lenient (particularly if you're outgoing and good looking!). You will also be expected to have a good grasp of the local language, and preferably another European language. You don't have to be fluent, but you should understand basic requests, complaints and if applicable, money handling. Interviews are usually conducted in the local language, unless you'll be working in an English or Irish pub, in which case you will probably be interviewed in English.

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