Jobs Abroad: Irish People in Canada

The Brent Goose is a familiar visitor to Ireland: the wading bird migrates from Canada to Ireland for the winter months. Wireless technology as we now know it is a growing market for graduates looking to work abroad and for Irish companies with a specialist interest in smart communications.

Canada has been looking overseas to keep its post-recession economy running smoothly - and Irish jobseekers are migrating to Canada to find employment as the country recovers. Canada is a good option for skilled Irish people looking to work abroad; with an ageing population and low birth rate, it needs legal immigrants to sustain its work force in 2011.

Interested candidates should apply through Canada's Federal Skilled Worker Programme for a range of technical, managerial and professional roles. Education, work experience and knowledge of English and/or French are key factors in securing a place, putting Irish graduates in a strong position for securing employment.

A jobseekers' website at irishjobs.ca has been set up for Irish people interested in working in Canada. Eamonn O'Loghlin, Executive Director of the Ireland Canada Chamber of Commerce, Toronto, is responsible for the online resource. Jobseekers can post their resume on the site. 'A New Immigrant Information Guide' is available to view as a PDF and there is a 'useful info' page with links to other job seeking sites and relevant organisations.

More and more Irish companies are also looking to break into the Canadian market and trade between the two countries is expected to increase in 2011, providing more jobs abroad for Irish people.

Irish companies specialising in software, telecoms, consultancy and project services are finding opportunities in the Canadian market for smart communications, wireless networks and technical devices.

The Toronto office of Enterprise Ireland has set up a Wireless Advisory Group to assist Irish companies targeting the Canadian market.

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