Find jobs abroad in Alicante!

Alicante boasts a warm, sunny climate, a relaxed pace of life, plenty of entertainment options, a thriving ex pat community and rich culture. It's no surprise then, that thousands of Brits dream of jobs abroad in Alicante. But what are your prospects like for finding work here?

If you speak a bit of Spanish and are looking for employment over the summer months, your prospects are actually very good. Because tens of thousands of British and Irish holiday makers flock to Alicante in June, July and August, there is a steady demand for fluent English speakers to work in the hospitality and tourism trades.

If you have enough Spanish language skills to navigate through the application process, you could land yourself a job as a holiday rep, a tour guide, a bar tender, a waiter, a club promoter, a hotel receptionist or, if you have the skills and experience, even a managerial position.

If you don't speak Spanish, all is not lost, but you may have to set your sights on less glamorous, lower paying jobs. Options may include cleaners, dish washers, kitchen porters, laundry staff and litter pickers. However, if you can learn even a few key phrases of the language, you could easily land yourself a higher paying role.

If you would like to permanently locate to Alicante, you'll probably want to broaden your search to include more options than just the tourism industry. Try Spanish job search sites and local Alicante media to find the best opportunities.


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