Find jobs abroad from July to September

Interested in jobs abroad from July to September? You could be in luck. This is peak holiday season throughout Europe, North America and much of Asia. And those extra tourists create a demand for hospitality, retail and other tourism related staff, such as sports instructors, hotel staff, reps and tour guides. So where do you find these jobs?

A good place to start is on UK summer work websites. These websites are usually divided into two sections: summer jobs in the UK and summer jobs abroad. The majority of jobs abroad are based in Western Europe, particularly France, Spain and Italy.

For many of these positions, you'll need at least intermediate language skills in the relevant language. Fluent and native English speakers are in high demand in areas that have a large number of British tourists, such as Costa del Sol, Ibiza, Lake Como, the Greek Islands and other resorts.

To find these resort jobs, check out the vacancies advertised on travel agents' websites, like Thomas Cook and Thompson Holidays. You don't need any particular qualifications or experience, but you do need to be outgoing, willing to work hard and possess excellent customer service skills.

If you're already abroad, you can try the old fashioned method of calling round at various companies and hotels to hand out your CV. This can be a great way to find casual work, and immediate starts are often available. Just remember that you probably will require a least basic local language skills in order to pass the application process.

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