Interested in jobs abroad for UK graduates?

There's no denying that things are tough right now for UK graduates. Not only did the job market suffer enormously during the recession, but there are more people than ever going to university. This adds up to fierce competition for graduate jobs - with an average of 87 applicants for one post. But it's important not to let the statistics depress you - if you stay positive and make the right decisions now, things will improve in the long run. More and more people are considering jobs abroad for UK graduates.

When it comes to working overseas for graduates, there are two main categories of job seeker: those who want to have fun, travel and earn enough money to support themselves, and those who want to find a professional job and gain experience in their field of studies.

In terms of the first option, you're spoilt for choice. Lots of graduates head off on working holiday visas, which (depending on the restrictions of each country), allow you to work for up to a year abroad, in any type of work. Some of the most popular options for working holiday makers are Canada, Australia, New Zealand and Japan.

Remember too that UK citizens are entitled to work anywhere in the EU. If you speak a European language to intermediate level, you should have no time finding work, particularly over the summer and in ski season.

If you want to find a professional graduate job abroad, your best bet is probably to apply for a graduate scheme abroad. A quick online search will reveal a range of options.


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