7 great ideas for jobs abroad

If you want jobs abroad that don't require qualifications, check out these seven great opportunities...

Tulip picking jobs, the Netherlands - The Netherlands is a beautiful country and tulip picking jobs are readily available in spring. Many jobs include accommodation and food (three meals a day). You'll earn enough to get by and have two days off a week (enough time to see a bit of Europe). Many of the tulip picking opportunities are just a short commute from Amsterdam.

Bar jobs, Sydney - Sydney has great nightlife and lots of bar work available. It's a great way to meet people and enjoy this fast paced city. UK citizens under 30 can apply for a 12 month Working Holiday Visa.

Teaching English jobs, China - If you are educated to degree level and a native English speaker, you can teach English in China. This is an amazing opportunity to experience Chinese culture first hand. Wages are low by UK standards but enough to live comfortably off in China. Employers advertise in the UK and sponsor visas (usually for one year).

Ski jobs, Canada - Canada is a popular choice for Britons wishing to work overseas. A ski resort job will give you free access to the slopes in your downtime - not to mention decent wages and a great working environment. UK citizens under 30 can apply for a 12 month Working Holiday Visa.

Tour guide jobs - If you know a country or region well and speak the local language, why not apply for a tour guide job? Many tour companies will sponsor visas for the right candidates.

Au pair jobs, Paris - Well-off French families often advertise for English speaking au pairs. You'll be expected to help look after the children and do some housework. In return you'll receive food, accommodation and an allowance.

Cruise ship jobs - Can't decide where you want to go? Apply for a job on a cruise ship and see up to 24 countries in one year!


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