Looking for jobs in Aberdeen?

Finding work can take an awful lot of your time these days, but in order to make sure that your job search is as brief and painless as possible we strongly recommend that you treat it as if it were a regular nine to five job. Not only will this get you in the right mindset every morning, but it will ensure that you build up the kind of routine that will enable you to remain focussed at all times.

One thing you need to avoid is negative thinking. Should you go weeks or even months without having too much luck on your job search, you must try your best not to let it get to you. Nothing saps motivation more than negative thinking, and unless you are motivated you're not going to be willing or able to put in the work required to find yourself a job in this super competitive environment.

One mistake that many people make when searching for jobs in Aberdeen is to spend too much time clicking around the major national job sites. While these sites do offer an excellent service, they are used by so many people on a daily basis that it can be next to impossible to even get an acknowledgement response for your applications.

Instead we recommend that you spend a few days a week away from the computer searching for jobs in the old fashioned way. The major employers in the Aberdeen area tend to be in the retail area, so focussing your attention on shopping centres such as Bon Accord Shopping Centre or Union Square will give you the opportunity to hand in your CV to dozens of stores in a single afternoon. When applying in this manner it is worth remembering that you are unlikely to be offered much more than an entry level position, which usually comes with wages of between £5.93 and £6.20 per hour.

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