Get Working with the Jobcentreplus in Scotland

Jobseekers can visit more than 100 jobcentreplus offices in Scotland. Offices are conveniently located for Scottish residents, with virtually every city and town represented -- seven job centres exist in Glasgow alone.

Jobcentreplus Scotland displays a wide range of job vacancies in addition to offering numerous services for Scottish jobseekers, some for specific areas of the country.

Glasgow Employment Zone

Glasgow is one of four areas in the United Kingdom -- the other three zones are Brent and Haringey, Liverpool and Sefton and Tower Hamlets and Newham -- selected to participate in the jobcentreplus "Employment Zones" program.

Jobseekers who have been employed for 18 months or more in the last 21 months, or individuals under the age of 25 who have been unemployed for six months (and have already taken part in the new deal program) are eligible to participate.

Single parents and others experiencing unique difficulties finding work can apply for the program at any time.

An employment zone advisor works with jobseekers to review and identify issues with the participant's job search to date, then develops an action plan to help the individual find work.

Programme Centres

Jobcentreplus in Scotland offers numerous programme centres to assist jobseekers in searching for a job. Training classes are available to help applicants improve their job search techniques and develop self confidence.

Scotland programme centres also offer stamps, paper, pens, envelopes, newspapers and the internet to assist jobseekers in their search for a suitable position.

Jobcentreplus Smart Phone App

For ultimate on-the-go access to the job centre, download the jobcentreplus application for your iPhone or Droid. The application is free and even shows where job vacancies are located on a map.



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