Find work with the help of your local Jobcentre in Scotland

With so many people currently finding themselves out of work in the United Kingdom these days, it's a little surprising to learn that there are a large percentage of people out there who have never given serious thought to making use of the many resources on offer to them in their local Jobcentre in Scotland.

Not only does the Jobcentre in Scotland offer a large number of vacancies which are constantly updated on a daily basis, but they can also serve as one of the best sources of general and specific information, as well as advice, hints, tips and guidance when it comes to finding work in any industry in the United Kingdom.

Since the employees in these Jobcentres are highly trained, they know exactly what it is that you need in order to maximise your chances of finding work. Whether you're just looking for a little advice on what kind of businesses you should be targeting on your job search, or you want to know what kind of education options you should be looking towards in order to give yourself the best chance of finding work when the economy improves, these Jobcentre employees have all the tools at their disposal to help.

In order to avail of these resources, we recommend that you find your local Scottish Jobcentre and call in one day in order to see just how helpful they can be for your job search. If you are unsure of where your nearest one is, we have listed the addresses of some of the bigger ones below;

  • Jobcentre Plus, 779 Govan Road, Glasgow
  • Jobcentre, 199 Commercial Street, Edinburgh
  • Kirkcaldy Jobcentre, 5 Hunter Street, Kirkcaldy
  • Jobcentre Plus, 14 Dee Street, Aberdeen
  • Jobcentre Plus, 3 Gellatly Street, Dundee


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