Find Jobcentre Plus vacancies in Liverpool up for grabs now!

Are you looking for a job? Well there are many Jobcentre Plus vacancies in Liverpool now available. Why not try the Job Centre Plus website (jobseekers.direct.gov.uk) to see which jobs you may be interested in.

The Job Centre Plus has a variety of jobs for you to choose from. Here are some common opportunities in Liverpool:

Administrator - There are many offices in Liverpool that want to hire administrators to work for them. You should be computer literate and have good knowledge of computer software such as Microsoft Word and Microsoft Excel. Duties may include typing up letters and emailing them to clients, answering calls and sorting incoming and outgoing post.

Bar Staff - Various restaurants, pubs and night clubs in Liverpool require bar staff. You must be above the age of 18 and be able to work in a busy hardworking environment. Duties may include serving customers, cash handling and general cleaning duties. You may not need previous experience as many places will provide you with full training.

Care Assistants - A range of care homes in Liverpool are now recruiting Care Assistants. You may need to have previous experience and be able to look after vulnerable adults, some of which may be disabled. Some places will prefer it if you have a driving license and your own car because there may be some travelling involved.

Cleaners - There are many places in Liverpool that want to hire cleaners. Depending on where you apply you may or may not need previous experience. Duties may include, vacuuming, mopping, dusting as well as cleaning kitchen and toilet areas.

A variety of jobs on the Jobcentre Plus website are now available, from part time to full time opportunities. So if you are interested why not check out who is hiring now!

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