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The Jobcentre is a place that nobody enjoys going to. However, they have thousands of jobs for skilled and unskilled people hoping to enter back into the workplace. What makes it better these days is that you can easily see the latest available positions with Jobcentre Plus online by simply visiting their dedicated website, jobseekers.direct.gov.uk.

If you are receiving benefits in the UK, you must register with your local Jobcentre as it is a condition that you are currently seeking employment. You must attend meetings and interviews as requested by your Jobcentre.

Finding a job at the Jobcentre has never been easier since the launch of their recruitment website. They have many different search options for you to choose from so you only see the jobs that you are actually interested in.

You can choose to search by entering in your desired job title, postcode or location. There is a box that lets you search a certain distance from your current location. An example of this is searching for "administration" jobs in Liverpool within 15 miles.

If you are not able to work full time for whatever reason, there are other search options such as number of hours you can work, permanent or temporary position or you can even choose the days and times that you are available to work.

To find out about the latest vacancies, simply drop into your local Jobcentre or search Jobcentre Plus online on Google. Alternatively, log onto jobseeker.direct.gov.uk.

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