Jobcentre Plus has many jobs listed in security in Doncaster

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Doncaster is a large town with excellent employment prospects for anyone in the security industry. Shopping centres, nightclubs, car parks and hotels are just a few of the businesses that employ security firms to safeguard their interests. Jobcentre Plus has many jobs in security in Doncaster advertised on their website.

You can find a full list of vacancies with Jobcentre Plus for security jobs in Doncaster on the DirectGov website. All you need to do is enter the job category you're looking for and the area you want to work in. The results will give you all of the available vacancies in security in a 15 mile radius of Doncaster.

You can narrow the search results by selecting permanent or temporary positions. And you can also search exclusively for security jobs that offer evening, night and weekend shifts.

Jobcentre Plus in Doncaster will be happy to provide you with any help or advice you need to successfully secure a job in security. CV presentation, interview techniques and useful courses you can do, will all be explained to you by the staff in the centre.

Anyone interested in a security job in Doncaster will need an SIA security licence. There are various courses you can take, depending on what part of the security industry you want to work in.

There's a separate course for security guards, door supervisors and CCTV operators. An SIA security course can be booked for less than £100 with providers such as Train 2 Protect and AAB Training.


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