Jobcentre Plus in Leeds could be answer to your job hunt

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When you're seeking employment, all the help you can get is greatly appreciated. Jobcentre Plus in Leeds gives you access to the largest database of jobs in the UK, and is a fantastic resource to have at your disposal.

You'll find a full list of vacancies with Jobcentre Plus on the DirectGov website. It's really easy to use. All you have to do is enter the job type you're searching for and the area you want to work in. If you want to browse through every vacancy in the area, simply enter 'all jobs' into the search box.

You can narrow the search results by choosing either permanent or temporary positions. And you can also search for vacancies that offer evening, night and weekend shifts.

Jobcentre Plus in Leeds gives you access to thousands of jobs from other recruitment agencies. To see what's available, select 'jobs from other sources' and hit search. Frequent users of the Jobcentre Plus database can eliminate vacancies posted before a certain date. This will ensure you don't waste time looking at vacancies twice.

The jobs market is very tough at the moment in the UK. This means that it's essential your CV and interview style is the best that it can be. The staff in Jobcentre Plus in Leeds will be happy to offer help and advice with crucial aspects of job hunting, such as these. They'll also be in a position to advise you on courses you can take to boost your employment prospects in Leeds.


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