Check the jobcentre plus in Aberdeen for latest vacancies

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Are you finding it difficult securing employment in these tough times? There is so much competition in the jobs market that even getting an interview is proving to be a challenge for most. There is one place that always has a steady flow of the latest job opportunities. Make sure you check your Jobcentre plus in Aberdeen for latest vacancies.

When you first make contact with your local job centre plus you will need your most up to date copy of your CV. You should ensure it is looking its very best. If you need help with your CV, the job centre will be happy to assist you. You can also get information about what should be on your CV on their website at jobseeker.direct.gov.uk.

An experienced recruitment consultant will discuss your CV in detail with you. They will then match your skills to the requirements of any available jobs. If there is no match, you simply need to keep checking back in their branch or having a look on their website.

At the job centre you will find a whole range of jobs. Everything from Saturday jobs for students to full time careers for professionals are available.

The job centre also offers many work placement programmes. These programmes give you an insight into a certain job and gives you brilliant experience to put on your CV.

You can call into the job centre plus at 11 Chapel Street in Aberdeen or give them a call on 0845 604 3719

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