Jobcentre Plus and other career shops in Aberdeen

If you're looking for employment anywhere in the country your best option is to approach job shops, not only because they have the most recent vacancies but because they can hold your CV on file and offer it to new vacancies that appear over the coming weeks. In Aberdeen there are a few job shop centres, most of which operate around the centre. Jobcentre Plus in Aberdeen can help find you employment but also allows you to claim benefits and other allowances if you're out of work and is also located close to the centre.

You can find a variety of jobs at the Jobcentre Plus in Aberdeen, with various salaries and job sectors to choose from. Their search system allows you to locate relevant vacancies within a certain area and you can choose the amount of hours you want to work, the salary, any benefits and the type of work when performing a search.

However, if you're looking for a more specific job sector or what to find a place where you can keep your CV on file for future vacancies you should consider contacting a job shop instead. Some job shops also help you complete your CV and work with you on interview techniques or other employment options (i.e., apprenticeships) and offer more comprehensive careers advice.

Job Shops and Job Centre Plus Address in Aberdeen

Jobcentre Plus:11 Chapel Street, Scotland, Aberdeen AB10 1SQ (0845 604 3719)

Turning Point: 45-49 Holburn Street, Aberdeen AB10 6BR (01224 575196, turningpointscotland.com)

Tulloch Recruitment (Aberdeen) Ltd: 508 Union Street, Aberdeen AB10 1TT (01224 625097, tullochrecruitment.co.uk)

Carlton Resource Solutions: 4 South Silver Street, Aberdeen AB10 1PR (01224 650500, carltonrs.com)

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