Have you tried a Jobcentre job search yet?

There is a serious shortage of jobs in most parts of the UK today. To add to this problem, more and more people are being laid off work so the competition for new jobs is much greater. By conducting a Jobcentre job search, you will have access to lots of local jobs that you might not find anywhere else.

You can register with your local job centre plus by simply calling in with a copy of your most recent CV. You can then browse through their extensive collection of vacancies. If you require any more information about a particular position, the staff at the Job Centre will be more than willing to help you.

As well as calling into your local Job Centre, you can use their online job search. They have tens of thousands of jobs and voluntary posts from a wide range of different industries. Their voluntary jobs allow you to keep any benefits that you are currently claiming while adding some new skills to your CV.

You can even apply for jobs online from the comfort of your own home by uploading your CV and cover letter with your application. As well as having lists of the latest jobs, they have some excellent information about how your CV and cover letters should look.

There is a career planner which allows you to research certain careers and inform you of what qualification you are short for the position.

So call into your local Job Centre today or visit their website at direct.gov.uk/en/employment/jobseekers.


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