Job24 UK for Online Job Application

Job24 UK is a job site produced by the independently owned Archant group, the UK's largest independent media group. The Job24 site launched a few years ago with a comprehensive listing of the UK's most popular jobs - they don't just pull jobs from other listing like most sites, however. Many jobs are listed specifically on Job24 whilst others are pulled from job listing sites, so you have the advantage of searching the entire web as well as unique job listings from the site.

As well as posting frequent updates to their job listings, Job24 UK has a few other handy options for jobseekers, such as:

  • The ability to create an account and upload a CV to send to multiple job vacancies.
  • Tools to store your details for the site to quickly match your details to a relevant vacancies and all new vacancies in the future.
  • Careers advice and tools, including top tips on writing a CV, sending a job application, making career choices, interview tips, dress code for the workplace and job searching guidance.
  • Qualification and courses tools, which allow you to search for relevant places to study any needed qualifications in your line of work, look for jobs that match you current qualifications or look at what kind of courses you need to take to apply for certain jobs.

Job24 UK lists jobs from all over the UK. You can choose to search for a job near you or in your area, look for specific work (i.e., full time, part time or graduate vacancies) or search for jobs in over 36 sectors listed on their site.

Job24 UK works with local employers and recruitment agencies. They're independently owned and have worked for nearly 160 years in the interest of their readers as a magazine company and operate entirely for local people; if you live in an area where the Archant magazine or its associated presses operate then you can expect to find a lot of job listings in that area from Job24 UK, but they do post job listings from other areas.

To view current vacancies and all career tools, go to: jobs24.co.uk/jobs.

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