How to find a job working from home in the UK

Many people dream of a job working from home in the UK. Not only do you avoid the commute to and from the office, but you have more flexibility to plan your own work schedule. You can usually, for example, start work after leaving the kids to school.

But as you might expect, the competition for work from home jobs in the UK can be fierce. It can also be difficult to spot genuine opportunities. Although there are many great vacancies for enthusiastic workers, there are also many scammers who claim to be offering work from home jobs when they actually are recruiting people for complex "pyramid schemes".

Here are some of the main ways that you can find a job working from home:

  • Major job search website, like Total Jobs and Monster, have Work From Job categories. Admittedly, some of the vacancies advertised here are junk - but there are some genuinely good opportunities.
  • Smaller job sites, like Friday Ads and Local Jobs, are also good resources when looking for work from home jobs. Many work from home opportunities are with small companies who can't afford the high placement fees for the larger sites.
  • Likewise, try local forums and Gumtree. Bear in mind that many working from home positions are part time, temporary or casual. An employer won't want to spend hundreds of pounds advertising for these positions, so free listing websites could be the way to go.
  • Think about asking your boss whether you can telecommute. 10% of UK workers regularly telecommute from their jobs - and if you think you could be one of them, why not prepare a work from home proposal?

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