Top job vacancies working from home in the UK

Work from home jobs are highly sought after. The main reason behind this is because they offer a kind of flexibility that just isn't possible with office-based roles. Although there is stiff competition for job vacancies working from home in the UK, supply is keeping up with demand. More and more employers are beginning to recognise that working from home is not just an employee benefit, it's can be win-win for the employer too. Telecommuters have higher rates of productivity, lower turnover rates and less sick days.

So just what sort of work from home vacancies are available in the UK? Here is a taster of what's on offer...

  • Social Media Managers manager and coordinate a company's presence on social networking sites, like Facebook, Linkedin and Twitter. As these tend to be relatively new roles, professional experience is often not required - but you do need a passion for all things digital.
  • Freelance writers are required for a range of blogs and media companies In today's market, most of the vacancies exist for online positions, although you may still find the occasional print writing assignment.
  • Data inputters often work with Content Management Systems to organise and catalogue information. You don't normally require experience for these positions, but it definitely can help.
  • Audio typists work to make transcriptions of audio tapes. They are often required for medical and legal records, and normally have very flexible working hours.
  • Graphic designers, especially those with a basic knowledge of web page coding, are in high demand.

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