You can streamline your search for job vacancies in Leicestershire

With so many people all competing for the same jobs posted on the dozens of online job sites throughout the United Kingdom it's no surprise that more and more British people are turning their backs on the job website phenomenon. While we were enjoying boom times these sites were excellent resources and there was always a great chance of finding a position that offered a real step up for you in your career, but these days things have worsened considerably.

You must understand, of course, that this is no fault of the job sites themselves. Instead it is simply a matter of economics. Due to the fact that there are tens of thousands more people using them on a daily basis, the vacancies listed on these sites don't tend to stay open for very long. It basically becomes a race to see who can apply first in order to have the best chance of having their application read.

This is far from an ideal situation for anyone searching for job vacancies in Leicestershire, so it was to be expected that more people would start turning to recruitment agencies in order to help them find work.

These agencies charge a small percentage of your weekly wage in exchange for their services, but in return you're massively increasing your chances of being placed within a suitable job across a wide range of industries within a matter of weeks - all without the stress of conducting the job search yourself.

If you can't decide which of the local recruitment agencies to go with, we recommend you check out the following, which we have found to have the strongest ties to local businesses in the area; Pertemps Recruitment (20-21 Carillion Court, Loughborough), A La Carte (72 Granby Street, Leicester) and Office Angels (118 Charles Street, Leicester).


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