Let us help you find job vacancies in Laois

We know just how tough times in the Republic of Ireland right now, with unemployment at its highest rate in almost 25 years and the economy showing absolutely no signs of recovery thing certainly looked bleak for the island's inhabitants. However despite what the media seems to love telling you every single day, there are actually a number of jobs available for those of you who are willing to make the effort to conduct a thorough search.

By this, we don't mean spending hours every single day checking on the major job sites for new vacancies. Instead, we recommend that you take a step back from the computer and focus on some alternative methods of locating job vacancies in Laois.

Just like in the rest of the Republic of Ireland, the vast majority of work in the Laois area is within the retail industry. Your needs take a look around the area in order to realise just how many potential opportunities there for those of you who are willing to start off in an entry-level position and work your way upwards, if necessary.

There is a lot to be said for printing off numerous copies of your latest CV and handing them into retail outlets around your local area. While this might seem like a waste of time and energy, you would be surprised at how much this increases your chances of finding work. Not only is it a case of the majority of retail positions never being posted online, but also means that you get to meet you potential employers in person, which can give you a real chance to impress your personality upon them.

In the Laois area you'll find a number of potential employers within the retail industry, including huge supermarkets like Supervalu, Tesco, LIDL, Dunnes Stores and ALDI. These companies pay an entry-level wage of €7.80 to €7.95 per hour, however you have plenty of opportunities for promotion should you prove yourself to be a strong and dedicated worker.


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