Want to find out about job vacancies in Stranraer?

There are job vacancies available in Stranraer in a wide range of industries. The ferry port in Stranraer is one of the biggest employers in the town, along with the tourism industry. Stranraer is also home to the Caledonian Cheese Company, which provides a huge number of jobs in the town.

Stena Line is the main ferry company that uses Stranraer Port and there are always vacancies available with the liner. The range of jobs available with Stena Line is incredibly diverse. Positions range from security officers to cooks to admin assistants.

People from all backgrounds are welcome to apply for jobs with Stena Line. Visit the Stena Line website and go to the jobs section to discover what vacancies are currently available with the company. There are regularly vacancies based in Stranraer available with Stena Line.

The Caledonian Cheese Company is another major employer in Stranraer. Producing quality cheddar cheese, the company offers a range of employment opportunities in the town. Vacancies for general operatives, admin staff and management positions are always open with the company.

Keep an eye on local newspapers and radio stations for word of new vacancies to open up, and you can always send a CV to the company in anticipation of a position becoming available.

There's plenty more you can do in Stranraer. Everest is a home improvement company in the area that's always looking for sales personnel. Most of the positions are commission based, so the more you sell, the more you earn. Check out their website for full details on vacancies in Stranraer with the company.

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