We look for opportunities of job vacancies in the Bullring Shopping Centre

As one of the biggest shopping centres in the whole of the United Kingdom, Birmingham's Bullring Shopping Centre is one of the major employers of both full time and part time staff in the area. With more than 110,000 square metres of retail space on offer, comprising of more than one hundred and sixty different shops, outlets and kiosks, it's no surprise that the Bullring represents one of the best employment opportunities in Birmingham.

Since its building was completed, the Bullring has created more than eight thousand jobs for the local area, which is precisely why we recommend it as the number one place to start your search for work, whether it's part time or full time, retail or management.

No matter where your interest lies, there's bound to be something that appeals to you from a potential employment perspective. With a wide range of restaurants including Pizza Hut, Nandos, Burger King and McDonalds, as well as plenty of different retail outlets ranging from clothes shops to electronic goods to video games to toys to books and magazines, there's sure to be something for everyone no matter what kind of role you're searching for.

If you want to keep an eye on the job vacancies in the Bullring Shopping Centre, you can point your browser at bullring.co.uk and check out the jobs section. While this section has plenty of vacancies listed, if you don't see something that appeals to you you needn't worry, simply calling into the shopping centre with some copies of your CV should enable you to speak directly to the managers in a number of different stores, allowing you to enquire as to the possibility of employment as well as giving you the opportunity to make a real impression which could stand you in good stead down the line.


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