Hundreds of job vacancies in Brighton and Hove available

Brighton and Hove is a major commercial centre in the UK with incredible employment opportunities. You can find job vacancies in Brighton and Hove in a wide range of industries including retail, hospitality, administration and call centres.

Jobcentre Plus in Brighton and Hove gives you access to the largest database of jobs in the UK. You can browse through the vacancies advertised with Jobcentre Plus online on the DirectGov website, or drop into the local office in Windsor House, 30/35 Edward Street, Brighton.

The advantages of dropping into the local office include the chance of a personal chat with the Jobcentre Plus staff on an array of employment issues. They'll be able to discuss with you CV writing, interview techniques and courses and training you can take to boost your employment prospects.

The vacancies listed with Jobcentre Plus are extensive and it can be useful narrowing your search results to find the jobs that appeal to you the most. There are a number of options for doing this and they include searching for permanent and temporary positions, and vacancies that offer evening, night and weekend shifts.

Returning visitors to Jobcentre Plus will be relieved to discover they can eliminate vacancies they've already searched through. Just pick the last date you searched the database on, and the results will give you the most recent vacancies.

You also get access to hundreds of job vacancies in Brighton and Hove from other recruitment agencies with Jobcentre Plus. To see what's on offer from various agencies in the area, simply select 'jobs from other sources.'


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