Where to get started when looking for a job in the UK

Searching for a job in the UK can appear to be just as daunting as actually applying. But there are many helpful resources out there, and we’ve summarised these here.


Like any other area of modern life, the jobs market has been revolutionised by the internet. All the information you need about any potential employer lies at the click of a keyboard. Practically any organisation you could wish to work for has its own website. Checking online can give you many pointers. Is their business expanding? Do they have major projects in the pipeline? What type of skills do they seek in their employees?

There are job searching websites where you can consult live vacancies, or upload your CV for employers to consider. There are general employment sites with categories, or sites specific to areas such as defence, government, education and so on.

Other sites assist job-seekers with specialised requirements, such as migrant workers, people with disabilities, school leavers, carers, single parents, redundant workers, or people of mature age.


Signing with an employment agency is an effective way to progress up the job-seeking ladder. Agencies employ professionals whose job it is to check out your skills and qualifications, then match these with employers currently looking to fill vacancies. Many agencies cover general recruitment; other specialise in specific job markets such as IT, management, and many others.

They will also be able to offer advice about tailoring your CV towards vacancies.


All major, regional and local UK newspapers carry vacancy notices which are updated regularly.


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