Want a job at Topshop?

If you're applying for a job at Topshop, it's helpful to know what skills employers are looking for. This will help you focus your CV and give all the right answers at a job interview! Here are the key skills you will need in order to succeed in one of their retail / sales assistant roles.

Sales - Retail employees have to be good salespeople. After all, that's how the company makes money. You'll need to develop a non-pushy sales technique. Examples may include reminding customers of special offers and suggesting items that would complement their purchase.

Customer Service - It may be the products that people come into the shop for, but it's the service that keeps them coming back. Staff at Topshop should be friendly, professional and be willing to go above-and-beyond for customers.

Money handling - Retail jobs involve working with cash and other transactions. Do you have experience with managing a till?

Team work -  In most shops, you'll be working as part of a team. To succeed, you'll need good communication skills, a flexible attitude and the willingness to help out when needed.

Good under pressure - Things can get busy quickly in Topshop. Will you still be able to deliver results in a stressful environment?

Knowledgeable - The best retail professionals are knowledgeable and passionate about Topshop products and the Topshop brand. If you're called for interview, make sure you research the history of the company, its target demographics, competitors and current lines. You should also have good general knowledge about fashion and trends.


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