Interested in job sponsorship Australia?

Do you see your working future lying away from the UK? Plenty of freshly graduated people are finding the job market in the UK a little too crowded for their liking, so they are upping sticks and heading Down Under. Getting a job that offers to sponsor you to stay on will be tough, but in this blog we are going to check out your options for job sponsorship in Australia.

Permanently settling in Australia can be a tricky proposition considering the terms of the temporary work permit the Australian Government issues to travellers. Many people can get one year in Australia, but you are limited to working only six months in each job as a maximum, leaving you little time to build up good enough of a profile to get them to keep you on.

For starters, you should check out this immigration site that offers expert advice on your situation and can assess what your chances are of getting to stay on in your chosen role. You can find them online at work.migrationexpert.com.au. If your industry is one that is in demand in Australia, then you have a much higher chance of being kept on to live and work.

So, if you are happy that your industry is one of the in-demand ones, then it is time to start job hunting. You can line up roles for yourself before you even board the plane by checking out seek.com.au, which is one of Australia's largest recruitment sites. This site will show you all of the current vacancies in your field in Australia, letting you decide on which city offers you the best chance of getting to stay on!


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