The best job sites in Ireland

There are many job sites in Ireland but which ones are the best and offer you the best chance of getting spotted by potential employers?  We run through the best places to upload your CV in the hope of your dream company finding it and getting in touch with you to set up an interview.

The top jobs site in Ireland has to be jobs.ie. This website is among the most used by companies and prospective employers so this is definitely the first port of call when searching for any job.  As well as a fully functional search engine, jobs.ie have a Training Courses section so if your job search is not going as planned you can upskill through one of these courses and maybe try your luck again in a few months time.

Another good place to search for jobs is through loadzajobs.ie. With loadzajobs.ie you can search out jobs in many areas. The search engine is powered by the Irish Independent and as such has plenty of pulling power when it comes to recruiters and companies advertising on here. There is a nice little search option that allows you to search for just graduate positions, search by company and search by recruitment agency depending on what you are looking for.

A final recommendation when it comes to job sites in Ireland is recruitireland.com. This site allows you to search for jobs by region, industry sector and allows you to search a keyword in case you are looking for something more specific. There is a nice section called Career Centre which has plenty of resources for building your CV, interview techniques, salary issues, appraisals and even a section on how to adapt to Ireland if moving here to start a new job.


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