Struggling in your job search for security positions?

Despite the fact that the security industry is really booming at the moment, there are many people who are finding that it's next to impossible to get any sort of positive response to their countless applications. How could this be when the industry is doing so well for itself and expanding very quickly all across the United Kingdom?

Well, there are a number of potential reasons. Firstly, recent legislation means that every single security operative in the United Kingdom, by law, needs to have the relevant SIA (Security Industry Authority) license for their position. This license is to reassure both employers and customers that you have been deemed fit to work in such a position by the British Government. You can find out more about how and where to get yourself the necessary SIA license at sia.gov.uk today.

But there's more to it than just a license. It also helps to have previous experience in a field that can directly relate to your job in security. Even if you've never worked in security before, there are a number of previous jobs that will have taught you essential skills for the role.

For example, if you have worked in customer service you'll know the value of dealing with your customers in a polite and friendly way, as well as how important it is to ensure that expectations are met at all times. While those of you who worked in offices will know about organisation and time management.

These are the type of things that you need to be focussing on when applying for jobs you find on your job search for security positions. If you can do that, and you manage to turn all your experience into things that can benefit you as a security guard, then you should have no problems finding work on short order!


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